Full Evaluation – Onsite Mock Visit

Evaluate your program and provide you with recommendations for cost and time effective ways to meet the criteria but also to give your people practice in successfully and confidently interacting with your program evaluator. Includes Self Study evaluation, transcript review, pre-visit e-mail questions and on-site evaluation. As close to an actual evaluation as possible, but also includes recommendations for low-cost, low-effort ways to close your gaps in meeting the criteria.

Full Evaluation – Offsite Mock Visit

When you want a full evaluation but want to reduce travel costs. Interviews, tours, and materials review will be conducted electronically.

Gap Analysis or Self Study Evaluation

When you want a basic gap analysis with easy to implement solutions to close the gaps.

Self Study Edits

Polish your self study to reflect the language of ABET as well as American English.

2-3-4 Mini Audit

Evaluate only the parts of Criteria 2, 3 and 4 that many programs find challenging.

Respond to official ABET correspondence

Custom services to help you close the gaps found during a general review or when preparing for an interim report or interim visit.

“Tune up” Program

The ABET criteria and interpretation change over time. This is a great way to avoid surprises without having to personally attend every ABET meeting.

Custom Solutions

Accreditation Preparation will design a solution to fit your unique needs.


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