Proposed ABET requirement changes

Most of ABET’s volunteers and leaders are engineers. Engineers can’t resist tinkering to improve things. A big change is brewing in the ABET EAC criteria, impacting Criteria 3 – Student Outcomes and Criteria 5 – Curriculum. The changes in Student Outcomes will significantly change what you measure – adding some, combining similar ones and removing […]

Fun and Learning Soft Skills – No Longer a Contradiction

Lots of programs incorporate soft skills topics in the major design project, labs or first year engineering survey courses.  Other programs create a separate catch all course for these topics. While either approach meets the ABET requirements, students often find this boring and tedious because the material is delivered in a traditional manner with lectures, […]

ABET Symposium

On April 21, 2012, I presented FACT or FICTION: the Fine Art of Convincing Your Program Evaluator that You Actually Do what You Wrote in the Self Study. Long title but critical to accreditation. I’ve been a Program Evaluator for years and know that there is very little time for your program evaluator to review […]