Why Accreditation Preparation? Whether you are new to ABET accreditation or a veteran of the process, preparing for accreditation can be challenging and time consuming.  Most begin preparing at least 18 months before the site visit.  If problems are found, you may be accredited but need extra work and expense to resolve those problems.  If the issues are severe, you risk may not being […]

Proposed ABET requirement changes

Most of ABET’s volunteers and leaders are engineers. Engineers can’t resist tinkering to improve things. A big change is brewing in the ABET EAC criteria, impacting Criteria 3 – Student Outcomes and Criteria 5 – Curriculum. The changes in Student Outcomes will significantly change what you measure – adding some, combining similar ones and removing […]

Fun and Learning Soft Skills – No Longer a Contradiction

Lots of programs incorporate soft skills topics in the major design project, labs or first year engineering survey courses.  Other programs create a separate catch all course for these topics. While either approach meets the ABET requirements, students often find this boring and tedious because the material is delivered in a traditional manner with lectures, […]

ABET Symposium

On April 21, 2012, I presented FACT or FICTION: the Fine Art of Convincing Your Program Evaluator that You Actually Do what You Wrote in the Self Study. Long title but critical to accreditation. I’ve been a Program Evaluator for years and know that there is very little time for your program evaluator to review […]